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The AMMFHL is proud to recognize all our student-athletes who have gone onto successful varsity hockey careers at the CIS, NCAA, and ACAC level.

If you have information on any other graduates of our program, please forward it to our webmaster and she will add it to this page…  

What Alumni Can Do And Why You Are So Important To Us!

  • Keep us updated with your current school information
  • Send us an email and let us know what you’re up to (accomplishments/awards/team news)
  • Frequent the AMMFHL website and like us on Facebook 
  • Mentor/Coach or Officiate within the AMMFHL when your playing career has ended


Kaitlyn Bauer (2014) University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Marnie Colborne (2013) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Megan Parkyn (2013) Mount Royal University (CIS)
Sydney Laurin (2012) Mount Royal University (CIS)
Cate Civitarese (2012) St. Francis Xavier University (CIS)
Deanna Reynolds (2012) SAIT (ACAC)
Cassidy McTaggart (2011) St. Thomas University (CIS)
Chloe Richardson (2011) Ryerson University (CIS)
Lindsay Cunningham (2011) University of Alberta (CIS)
Taylor Andrews (2011) Mount Royal University (ACAC)
Courtney Minor (2010) University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Erika Mitschke (2010) University of Calgary (CIS)
Maddison Gee (2010) University of Calgary (CIS)
Brooke Nielsen (2009) Mount Royal University (ACAC)
Jessica Ross (2009) Mount Royal University (ACAC)
Katie Stewart (2009) University of Alberta (CIS)
Rhianna Kurio (2009) Union College (NCAA I)
Tara Tomimoto (2009) Yale University (NCAA I)
Alana McElhinney (2008) Bemidji State University (NCAA I)
Alex Moffat (2008) Chatham University (NCAA III)
Melissa Zubick (2008) University of Calgary (CIS)
Jacquie Colborne (2007) Colgate University (NCAA I)


Nikki Hendrey (2012) SAIT (ACAC)
Rachel Marshall (2012) Mount Royal University (CIS)
Madison Turk (2011) University of Western Ontario (CIS)
Kimberley Brown (2011) University of Western Ontario (CIS)
Brittany Shewchuk (2011) Queens University (CIS)
Jordyn Constance (2011) Lindenwood University (NCAA III)
Megan Grbavac (2011) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Jordan Seegmiller (2011) SAIT (ACAC)
Kelsey Talbot (2010) Lindenwood University (NCAA III)
Laura Olsen (2010) University of Regina (CIS)
Megan Kobar (2008) Rochester Institute of Technology (NCAA III)
Jaclyn Tate (2008) University of Saskatchewan (CIS)
Madison Duffin (2008) University of Saskatchewan (CIS)
Katie Borbely (2007) University of Alberta (CIS)
Andrea Boras (2007) University of Alberta (CIS)


Brittney Sawyer (2014) University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Cornelia Geib (2013) University of PEI (CIS)
Kelcey Baun (2013) SAIT (ACAC)
Kira Dube (2012) St. Francis Xavier University (CIS)
Alanna Bontorin (2012) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Anne Gillard (2011) Amherst College (NCAA III)
Katie Curran (2011) Grant MacEwan (ACAC)
Sadie Lenstra (2011) University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Victoria Porter (2011) Queens University (CIS)
Chelsea Minor (2010) University of Lethbridge
Emily Harrison (2010) Queens University (CIS)
Ferran Brown (2010) University of PEI (CIS)
Shawan Griffin (2010) Queens University (CIS)
Bailey Toupin (2009) University of PEI (CIS)
Erin Lally (2009) Concordia University (CIS)
Jamie Parhar (2009) Rochester Institute of Technology (NCAA III)
Jasmin Teske (2009) University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Carly Warren (2008) Boston University (NCAA I)
Charissa Stadnik (2008) Princeton University (NCAA I)
Julie Johnson (2008) Princeton University (NCAA I)
Kayla Strong (2007) Cornell University (NCAA I)
Leah Copeland (2006) University of Alberta (CIS)
Lindsie Fairfield (2006) University of Alberta (CIS)
Lundy Day-Union College (NCAA I)
Katie Gray-Dartmouth University (NCAA I)


Nicole Gorda (2014) University of Ontario Institute of Technology (CIS)
Amy Boucher (2014) University of New Hampshire (NCAA Div I)
Jessica Healey (2014) University of Minnesota-Duluth (NCAA Div I)
Brett Campbell (2014) Plattsburgh State University (NCAA Div III)

Taylor Hughson (2013) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Sydney Tomlinson (2013) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Cassandra Russell (2013) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Mikaeli Cavell (2013) University of Ontario Institute of Technology (CIS)
Chloe Sanderson (2013) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Sasha Lutz (2012) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Kelsie Lang (2012) University of Calgary (CIS)
Rachel Johnson (2012) University of Saskatchewan (CIS)
Jessica Sekulic (2012) University of Alberta (CIS)
Alanna Tinney (2012) University of British Columbia (CIS)
Stephanie Zvonkovic (2011) University of Calgary (CIS)
Kirsten Reeves (2011) University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Samantha Schulz (2011) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Heather Kashman (2011) University of New Hampshire (NCAA- Div I)
Morgan Glover (2011) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Allison Campbell (2011) University of Alberta (CIS)
Caitlin Connell (2011) University of Windsor (CIS)
Cassidy Delainey (2011) Elmira College (NCAA- Div III)
Riana Magee (2010) University of Alberta (CIS)
Jessica Hootz (2009) University of Colgate (NCAA- Div I)
Carmanah Hunter (2009) University of Mount Allison (CIS)
Brittany Esposito (2009) Northeastern University (NCAA- Div I)
Jenna Klynstra (2009) Colgate University (NCAA- Div I)
Calaine Inglis (2009) University of Calgary (CIS)
Lisa Urban (2008) University of Regina (CIS)
Alana Cabana (2008) University of Alberta (CIS)
Katherine Stack (2008) Robert Morris University (ACHA- Div I)
Janelle Malcolm (2008) University of Alberta (CIS)
Allison McDonald (2008) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Monika Moskalski (2008) University of Alberta (CIS)


Tasmine Hemmingway (2014) University of Manitoba (CIS)
Alyssa Imler (2014) NAIT (ACAC)

Averyl Toews (2013) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Sharlea Debruyn (2012) NAIT (ACAC)
Emma Cooley (2012) NAIT (ACAC)
Janelle Henley (2012) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Valia Higson (2011) Mercyhurst University (NCAA Div I)
Kira Sonnenberg (2011) University of Calgary (CIS)
Kiersten Giesbrecht (2011) University of Calgary (CIS)
Heather Gerow (2011) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Meagan Cornelsson (2009) University of Alberta & NAIT (CIS/ACAC)
Tanya Morgan (2008) University of Calgary (CIS)
Taylor Hurley (2008) NAIT (ACAC)
Nicole Pratt (2007) University of Alberta (CIS)
Alycia Monahan (2007) NAIT & Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Meghan Johnson (2007) University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Rebecca Niehaus (2006) University of Calgary (CIS)
Melody Howard (2006) Grant MacEwan University & University of Alberta (ACAC/CIS)
Kacey Funk (2006) Red Deer College & University of Manitoba (ACAC/CIS)
Carolyn Bowen (2006) SAIT & University of Alberta (ACAC/CIS)
Haley Hommy (2006) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Kristen Turner (2006) NAIT (ACAC)
Kelsey Shmyr (2005) SAIT (ACAC) 


Pippa Bagley (2014) SAIT (ACAC)
Hannah Olenyk (2014) University of Alberta (CIS)
Cora Place (2014) University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Kaylin Snodgrass (2014) University of British Columbia (CIS)

Hayley Hilz (2012) University of Calgary (CIS)
Reanne Gouw (2012) SAIT (ACAC)
Taryn Monts (2012) University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Katy Josephs (2011) University of Wisconsin (NCAA Div-I)
Jennifer Schmidt (2011) University of Regina (CIS)
Brittany Balawyder (2010) SAIT (ACAC)
Jocelyn Zabrick (2009) St. Cloud State University (NCAA Div-I)
Kayla Lavallee (2009) University of Alberta (CIS)
Danielle Dekort (2008) SAIT (ACAC)
Chrissy Hodgson (2008) Mount Royal University (ACAC)
Megan Skelly (2008) Syracuse University (NCAA Div-I)
Casey Irving (2006) Bemidji State University (NCAA Div-I) University of Calgary (CIS)
Megan Schmidt (2006) University of Calgary (CIS)
Lyndsay Coghlan (2006) St. Francis Xavier University (CIS)
Whitney Sears (2005) Bemidji State University (NCAA Div-I)
Mallory Green (2005) Williams College (NCAA Div-III)
Emily Burton (2005) SAIT (ACAC) University of Alberta (CIS)
Tori-Rose Malone (2005) Mount Royal University (ACAC)
Stacey Leavitt (2005) University of Lethbridge (CIS)


Kailey Butz (2014) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Laura Wagner (2013) NAIT (ACAC)
Carlin Boey (2013) NAIT (ACAC)
Jody Rammel (2012) NAIT (ACAC)
Kaylan Palsat (2011) St. Mary’s University (CIS)
Jazmyn Wright (2011) NAIT (ACAC)
Kandace Cook (2010) University of Saskatchewan (CIS)
Jill Diachuk (2010) NAIT (ACAC)
Danielle Brown (2010) NAIT (ACAC)
Courtney McNeilly (2010) Grant MacEwan (ACAC)
Jessica Frank (2009) NAIT (ACAC)
Kyla Lorenz (2009) Grant MacEwan (ACAC)
Courtney Fischer (2009) Liberty University (ACHA Div I)
Reagan Fischer (2008) Dartmouth College (NCAA Div I)
Meg Omand (2008) Clarkson University (NCAA Div 1) & University of Alberta (CIS)
Dana McLaughlin (2008) SAIT (ACAC)
Mika Strueby (2008) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Hannah Muskego (2008) Manhattanville College (NCAA Div III)
Kelsey Fenton (2007) University of Saskatchewan (CIS)
Andrea Wiebe (2007) University of Alberta (CIS)
KJ Chapman (2007) Red Deer College (ACAC) & University of Alberta (CIS)
Nikki Love (2007) University of Calgary (CIS)
Jill Barber (2007) Grant MacEwan (ACAC)
Jenna Reichert (2007) Grant MacEwan (ACAC)
Crystal Kappel (2006) University of Saskatchewan (CIS)
Amber Graham (2006) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Megan Waddell (2006) Grant MacEwan (ACAC)
Blayne Wert (2006) Grant MacEwan (ACAC)


Raven Beazer (2014) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Jordan Doram (2014) University of Regina (CIS)
Mackenzie Gal (2014) NAIT (ACAC)
Shawni Rodeback (2014) Mount Royal University (CIS)
Tricia van Vaerenbergh (2014) University of Alberta (CIS)

Sydney Smith (2013) Cornell University (NCAA Div I)
Victoria Campbell (2013) University of Ontario Institute of Technology (CIS)
Rachel Piitz (2013) Mount Royal University (CIS)
Devonie Deschamps (2013) Mount Royal University (CIS)
Sarah Weninger (2012) Mount Royal University (CIS)
Karlee Odland (2011) Dartmouth College (NCAA Div I)
Sydney Gorzitza (2011) Lindenwood University (NCAA Div I)
Samantha Rupp (2011) Liberty University (ACHA Div I)
Madison Fischer (2011) Liberty University (ACHA Div I)
Ashley Fitzpatrick (2011) University of PEI (CIS)
Tanika Dawson (2010) Mount Royal University (ACAC)
Skye Fahlman (2010) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Daryl Kress (2010) University of PEI (CIS)
Shyla Stadnicki (2009) Mount Royal University (ACAC)
Kennedy Rupp (2009) Lindenwood University (NCAA Div I)
Amy Stober (2009) Lindenwood University (NCAA Div I)
Katy Reniak (2008) SAIT (ACAC)
Taryn Cook (2008) University of Lethbridge (CIS)


Krista Wilson (2013) University of British Columbia (CIS)
Reanna Arnold (2013) Mount Royal University (CIS)
Taylor Hall (2013) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Hannah Mousek (2012) University of Alberta (CIS)
Jade Petrie (2012) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Emily Lougheed (2012) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Rikki Leonard (2012) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Ashley Graf (2012) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Suze Vanderlinde (2012) SAIT (ACAC)
Emma Malsbury (2012) SAIT (ACAC)
Camille Trautman (2011) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Cassidy Anderson (2011) NAIT (ACAC)
Morgan Brandl (2011) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Janelle Froehler (2011) University of Alberta (CIS)
Megan Innes (2010) St Francis Xavier (CIS)
Rachael Hoppins (2010) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Hayley Helland (2010) University of Alberta (CIS)
Ashley Wilson (2010) St Norbert College (NCAA III)
Olivia Sutter (2010) Carlton University (CIS)
Becca Glackin (2010) Red Deer College (ACAC); SAIT (ACAC)
Chelsea Peterson (2010) University of Calgary (CIS)
Caitlin Couronne (2009) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Katie Allen (2009) St Cloud State University (NCAA I)
Brandi Buss (2009) Red Deer College (ACAC); University of Alberta (CIS)
Jessica Abt (2009) Red Deer College (ACAC); University of Alberta (CIS)
Lundie Graham (2009) SAIT (ACAC)
Rylee Scott (2009) SAIT (ACAC)
Leah Boucher (2008) St. Francis Xavier University (CIS)
Kendice Ogilvie (2008) Cornell University (NCAA I)
Chantel Froehler (2008) Red Deer College (ACAC); NAIT (ACAC)
Janelle Parent (2008) University of PEI (CIS); St. Francis Xavier (CIS)
Amanda Young (2008) Cornell University (NCAA I)
Madison Ouellette (2008) Mount Royal University (ACAC)
Treena Dodd (2008) Red Deer College (ACAC)


Ashley Morin (2013) University of Alberta (CIS)
Deanna Morin (2013) University of Alberta (CIS)
Kate Lumley (2013) University of Calgary (CIS)
Charity Price (2013) University of Manitoba (CIS)
Jessica Dyck (2013) University of Manitoba (CIS)
Eliza Snider (2012) St. Thomas University (CIS)
Jessica Kampjes (2012) University of Alberta (CIS)
Sabrina Flemming (2012) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Emily Mitchell (2012) University of Alberta (CIS)
Jayden Skoye (2012) University of Alberta (2009) Grant MacEwan University (CIS/ACAC)
Regan Gustafson (2011) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Melissa Kueber (2011) Colgate University (NCAA I)
Tegan Rose (2011) Bemidji State (NCAA I)
Matana Skoye (2011) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Taryn McCormick (2010) NAIT (ACAC)
Michelle Tassone (2010) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Jennifer Matichuk (2009) Yale University (NCAA I)
Katelyn Epp (2009) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Erin Blake (2009) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Jeanie Sabourin (2009) Union College (NCAA I)
Kanesa Shwetz (2009) U of A, (2008) Guelph, Grant MacEwan 2007 (CIS/ACAC)
Seyara Shwetz (2009) St. Mary’s University (2006) Grant MacEwan (CIS/ACAC)
Sara Forbes (2008) Chatham University (NCAA III)
Kendra Chisholm (2008) SAIT (ACAC)
Karena Pyle (2008) NAIT (ACAC)
Danielle Baxter (2008) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Erin Davidson (2008) University of Calgary (CIS)
Raelene Sydor (2008) Sacred Heart University (NCAA I)
Sinead Tracey (2008) University of Calgary(CIS)
Emma Lowry (2007) Mount Royal College (ACAC)
Kara Edwards (2007) Niagara University (NCAA I)
Lauren Cherewyk (2007) Boston University (NCAA I)
Jody Sydor (2007) University of Connecticut (NCAA I)
Larissa Roche (2007) Dartmouth College (NCAA I)
Maggie Tkachuk (2007) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Shannon Davidson (2006) University of Calgary (CIS)
Larissa Hardie (2006) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Megan Lauer (2006) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Danielle Pruss (2005) NAIT (ACAC)


Brooklyn Doak (2014) New England College (Div III)
Marissa Graham (2013) Liberty University (ACHA Div I)
Michaela Case (2013) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Raquel Chauvette (2013) Grant MacEwan University (ACAC)
Kendra Rosychuk (2012) Grant MacEwan (ACAC)
Krystal Reithmayer (2012) University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Amber Yuha (2012) University of Lethbridge (CIS)
Janae Culp (2012) University of Lethbridge (CIS)


Maia Bouchard (2014) Grant MacEwan (ACAC)
Denzelle Bourgeois (2014) Grant MacEwan (ACAC)
Cheyenne Eagle (2014) SAIT (ACAC)

Renee Saulnier (2013) Grant MacEwan (ACAC)
Kaylea Renz (2013) Red Deer College (ACAC)
Megan Goebel (2013) NAIT (ACAC)
Madison Smith (2013) The College of St. Scholastica (NCAA Div III)
Karly McLeod (2013) University of Calgary (CIS)
Danielle Klein (2013) Mount Royal University (CIS)
Jocelyn Racic-NAIT (ACAC)
Taylor Williamson-Saint Mary’s University Huskies (AUS)
Gillian Altheim-Red Deer College Queens (ACAC)
Jayna Kitchen-Red Deer College Queens (ACAC)
Chelsea Osbalddeston-Saint Mary’s University Huskies (AUS)
Rebecca Hampton-Adrian College (ACHA Div I)
Jillian Mathieson-Grant McEwan Griffins/Nait Ooks (ACAC)
Kendra Lakeman- Red Deer College Queens (ACAC)
Jacey Jones-University of Regina Cougars (CIS)
Jennifer Hancock-Nait Ooks (ACAC)
Sheena Anderson-Grant McEwan Griffins (ACAC)
Sydney Hawkeswood-Grant McEwan Griffins (ACAC)
Montanna Noyes- Red Deer College Queens (ACAC)/U of A Pandas (CIS)
Courtney McNeilly- Grant McEwan Griffins (ACAC)
Amber Demharter- University of Ottawa (CIS)
Michelle Daigneault- McGill Martlets (CIS)
Trina Campbell- Grant McEwan Griffins (ACAC)
Ayn Grant-UBC Thunderbirds (CIS)
Karla Bourke- Red Deer College Queens (ACAC)/U of A Pandas (CIS)
Kelsey Green- Mount Royal Cougars (ACAC)
Laura Dickson- NAIT (ACAC)